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Welcome to

Glapthorn CE Primary School


School is about children learning in lots of different ways.  PHSE stands for Personal, Health and Social Education. This means building on what parents and carers teach children about a wide range of issues from healthy eating to being part of a community; sharing, listening, being kind, keeping safe and healthy, being confident and being responsible.  Children participate regularly in circle time.  This is a chance for children to talk about their feelings and to share any problems.  Children are encouraged to think about their own self-development focused on things like 'trying new things' and 'understanding others'.


One of the ways we teach our pupils about democracy, citizenship and responsibility  is through our school council.  Two children from each year group are democratically elected each year to represent their peers in a school council.  The school council gives children a say in the running of their school, for example, the children designed a nature garden in collaboration with our parent group 'Friends of Glapthorn School' (FOGS) in 2018.


We also have a range of ways of developing responsibility in children as they get older, including a  a range of roles such as librarian where they take the lead.  

In addition, we have a system of team points at school.  Children are put into one of four colour teams through the school and each week a cup is awarded to the team with the most points.  Children are given points for being kind and trying hard with their work.  We believe children learn best through positive recognition and believe this method of team points both provides a positive reward to individual children and helps children work as part of a team.

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