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Welcome to

Glapthorn CE Primary School


The overarching aim for maths in our school is to promote high standards of numerical fluency, mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills by equipping pupils with a strong understanding of the number system, the ability to identify the patterns associated with numbers, use these patterns to think widely about mathematical problems and apply this knowledge in both mathematical and other curriculum area problems. We aim to develop a love of mathematics in the children and promote high enjoyment of the subject for all pupils.

We ensure that all pupils:

  • Learn and understand the base ten numerical system and fluently count forwards and backwards to/from any given number.
  • Acquire a wide mathematical vocabulary, understanding technical terms and being able to use them in context
  • Gain fluency in their multiplication table facts as well as the mental ability to add and subtract numbers
  • Develop the habit of using concrete, pictorial drawing or formal methods to accurately show calculation methods.
  • Use discussion in order to learn; they should be able to elaborate and explain clearly their understanding and ideas.
  • Reason and solve fraction, decimal, percentage, measurement and algebraic calculations.
  • Understand statistics and geometry and how to apply problem solving skills and number knowledge to these contexts.
  • Can identify maths in the real world around them and how useful, enjoyable and achievable for all it is.

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